Moving from physical servers to the “cloud” involves a paradigm shift in thinking. With more companies than ever leveraging cloud services like AWS, and with cloud environments becoming more and more complex, it's critical that organizations develop proactive, comprehensive security strategies that build security in from the very beginning and evolve as their infrastructures scale to keep systems and data secure.

Consider dispersing your NGINX and other server instances across multiple Availability Zones, for redundancy, and using Auto Scaling to handle spikes in traffic. What typically happens is you create an IAM role and assign it to your EC2 instance. Once you have configured the amazon S3 access key and secret access key in the S3 settings section under the AddOn Settings tab of eStore, you are ready to start using your Amazon s3 account with WP eStore.

Saviynt's research found that 35 percent of privileged users in AWS have full access to a wide variety of services, including the ability to bring down the whole customer AWS environment. Prior to signing up for AWS, we had been using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as Amazon EC2, since our establishment in 2013.

For example, if the payload should happen to be malware and your instances is not running any malware protection software, the guest operating system of the instance may be compromised and with it your sensitive business data. I can still re-enable it in the security group if I need to actively debug something on an instance, since sometimes there really is no other way to debug certain issues.

To migrate an unencrypted DB to an encrypted one: create a new DB Instance with encryption enabled and then manually migrate your data into it. The S3 API allows you to create signed URLs that provide fine grained access to S3 resources with custom expirations.

As storage, and therefore Amazon S3, is one of the main factors of cost expenditure on Amazon, it actually comes with a lot of optimization tools you can use to leverage your usage to keep operating costs down, including the S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage or RRS.

In a later article I'll be writing about how to build such a setup that cheaply scales out a stateless web service via a phalanx of spot instances, all the while being fault tolerant to their random termination. Using New Relic Infrastructure , you instantly get an accurate snapshot of your EC2 instances, which allows you to then dissect them by the AWS tags you already use.