If You Don't own much in The way of cosmetics, and are wondering how you should begin with your new cosmetics collection, there are five cosmetics every woman should possess.

These will make you look More attractive, with little additional work, and only take minutes to apply.

Face powder – Even though most women believe they need to buy foundation, in many Cases, you do not. Not unless you've got many flaws on the skin that you would like to hide.

Instead, a high quality Face powder will do the job just as well, yet will clog your pores . It is going to also take away any shine you tend to get throughout a busy day.

Eye liner – Eye liner accentuates your eyes, makes them look bigger and more appealing. It also comes in a huge array of colors. This means it is possible to either match your particular eye colour, or match the exact eye shadow you'll also be wearing.

Eye shadow – A pretty shade of eye shadow makes your eyes appear more attractive and more prominent. Additionally, it may disguise any slight flaws you may have on skin on your eyelids.

If you are new to wearing Eye shadow, stick with light browns or beige colors. This will accentuate your eyes, although not looking too heavy.

Mascara – A dark mascara makes your eye lashes more noticeable and more, again, accentuates your own eyes. In addition, it can provide you a sultry, sexy look if you like that.

Lipstick – No lips are complete without a pretty shade of lipstick. Especially as it also moisturizes and protects your lips from the elements.

Purchase one with a built in Heavy moisturizer, and you will reap the advantages of wearing it even more. More information: breaking news.